The Mindful Rockstar Show

By Alicia “AL” of Music’s Metaphor

The Mindful Rockstar Show is for music lovers who care about their mental health.

On Sundays, Alicia “AL” (Music’s Metaphor) talks with emerging artists about how they manage their mental health and the mission behind their music. Through music, we break down the stigma and create a safe space to have vulnerable conversations.

So come as you are, grab your headphones and let’s go on this journey together. Become more mindful with every song, every episode.

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EP 7: Breaking out of the Status Quo with UK Blues-Rock Artist Brass Monkey

In celebration of our Music for Mental Health virtual concert last year, we are throwing it back to our interview with Brass Monkey. Here’s an engaging talk with the grunge-inspired, bluesy rock vocalist about embracing all of your emotions with no judgment, tapping into meditation, playing intimate venues, and not sticking to the status quo.

EP 6: Therapy – Is Something Wrong With Me?

Summary Hey, y’all! Host Al returns after a much needed mental health hiatus. In this quick episode, she shares what she’s been up to, her journey to therapy, and what’s next for the podcast.  Lyrics shared from Lizzo’s song “About Damn Time” I’ve been so down and under pressure I’m way too fine to be…


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