EP 2: New Year Goals & Interview with Celtic Songstress Misty Posey


Happy New Year! What were the takeaways you got from this episode?

Read full article on Why “New Year, New You” is Damaging to Mental Health: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/new-year-new-you-mental-health/

Learn more about Misty Posey here: https://mistyposeymusic.com/

Watch video interview with Misty Posey here! https://fb.watch/agNCQOmN5Z/

Watch Misty Posey’s performance at the first annual Music for Mental Health virtual concert last year!

Check out the FRESH FINDS songs of the Week from indie artists here: https://www.musicsmetaphor.com/blog/fresh-finds-of-the-week-vol-2

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